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[Study Note-ML] Classifier Evaluation with ROC

The first thing we should be aware of is that, evaluating classifier is not just about how many instances is classified correctly/incorrectly. In many (most of) cases, we need to have a clear under...

a pitfall in typesafe config

Actually this is explicitly stated in the Java docs:, just didn’t get my attention (and I think the description there is not that clear) The withFal...

TMall 11.11: millisecond-level update on search engine

In China, Nov 11th is called “Single Day”, the original meaning of which is the celebration day of the people with single status.  Nowadays, this day becomes the largest shopping festival in the wo...

A nice talk about consensus protocol

Given by the Typesafe Engineer, Konrad Malawski slides can be found at :

Docker images and start scripts

Including HDFS, HBase, and auto scripts setting dns/reverse-dns, etc.

Tips: Difference between Kill and PoisonPill

Both Kill and PoisonPill are the ways to stop an actor, the difference is that, when the actor receives a Kill message, it will throw a **ActorKilledException , **i.e. it will trigger a failure for...